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In this innovative, experiential workshop, Uranio Paes will facilitate deep transformation, using an evocative carpet with the Enneagram symbol drawn on it.  This work involves managing the energy of the Enneagram symbol and the growth work that it both provides and requires.  The overall experience can be transformational.

Uranio will discuss the theory of Enneagram Arrows, Wings and Gurdjieff’s Laws and lead exercises with the whole group.  Uranio will also work with individual participants in the group setting.  This work is deep, meaningful and highly transformative both for the individuals who volunteer and for all in attendance.  Although Uranio has done this carpet work at several (International Enneagram Association) Conferences, this is his newest and most profound work.

Costs:  R8500 (include all teaching materials, meals and Saturday night accommodation)

Mundoeneagrama Students:   R7900.00       

Times:  Saturday, 27 January 2018 :  Arrive and registration:  08h30.  Workshop 09h00 – 21h00   

              Saturday, 28 January 2018:  08h30 – 17h00

Starts at 08:30 AM
Ends at 05:00 PM
Telephone: Tel: 07969725
Starts on January 27, 2018
Ends on January 28, 2018

Founder and CEO of Mundo Eneagrama. International teacher of Enneagram and inner work renowned for innovative and deep approaches. Successful organizational consultant and coach for 25 years. Past global president of the International Enneagram Association (IEA).