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Wake Up to Life - Part 1 - New Beginnings with the Enneagram

In 'Wake up to Life' Part 1, Helen invites us in to the Enneagram in a relaxed yet stimulating way. She helps us gently yet firmly to see our lives and ourselves in new ways. The Enneagram itself starts to shine new light on familiar patterns. It is a resource unlike any other and is the perfect complement to other personal work: whether that is yoga, mindfulness, coaching, therapy, fitness or Ted talks on self-improvement.

It’s a personal and somatic approach that’s infinitely better than just reading or talking about it! Helen introduces the Enneagram as both an ancient symbol and a contemporary psychological resource.

In 'Wake up to Life Part 1 we will:

  • Touch on the Enneagram’s ancient origins

  • Discover the Enneagram’s 9 Points each with its distinct qualities and defined Personality

    Type that is linked

  • Begin to sense which of the 9 points may be home base for each of us

  • See movement, flow and interconnection between Types in this beautifully dynamic system

  • Start to see and experience first-hand how the Enneagram can help us in our own lives 

For details of Part 2, with both Helen English and Uranio Paes, see calendar entry for March 9-11 2018.  

As an individual, the Enneagram can help you to:

  • Live with more freedom, ease and choice
  • See yourself more clearly: your own unconscious patterns, habits, reactions and behaviours
  • Be kind to yourself as you gain greater self-awareness
  • Discover practices that fast-track your personal, professional and spiritual growth: not in a generalised way but specific to your needs, strengths and intentions

As a colleague, leader, team member, coach, parent, partner or friend, The Enneagram can help you to:

  • Better understand those you’re working with, bringing more empathy, insight and compassion
  • Get closer to what’s really going on beneath the surface
  • Anticipate and avoid pitfalls, influence positive change
  • Make more helpful and well-focused input
  • Enhance potential, open up new possibilities; expand into more of what’s possible.

You may be looking for inspiration, new to the Enneagram, or have discovered this extraordinary map through coaching, a team-development at work, or a short workshop.  Or maybe you've known about the Enneagram for some while and it's time now to re-ignite your interest. 

This is a great opportunity to do just that - and to step into 2018 with a spring in your step.

Start Hour 09:00 AM
End Hour 04:00 PM
Place: Moehlin, Switzerland (Near Basel)
Address: Integral Wellbeing, Atelier 6, BataPark1, 4314
Telephone: (+41) 798447818
Start date: 27 of January of 2018
End date: 28 of January of 2018

Helen loves helping people to discover and use the amazing map of human experience and potential that is uniquely available through the Enneagram.