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* Prices for all CP Enneagram Online monthly plans include automatic monthly renewal, unless the student sends an email notice to CP Enneagram Online canceling the plan within at least 7 days prior to the end of the monthly period. In case there is a new higher price that CP Enneagram Online is practicing within 7 days for the automatic renewal to happen, CP Enneagram Online will send the student an email about this, so that the student can opt in or out of the renewal.

According to the contract, the student who selects this plan will need to pay 12 installments of the amount above.

* CP Enneagram Online's monthly plan includes automatic renewal, unless the member sends an email to canceling the plan at least seven days before the renewal date.
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The terms stated herein shall govern the access to contents at CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE website.



For further information about our products and services, please visit our website at


1.0-The Terms and Conditions stated herein govern the use of our internet portal services, hereafter “Portal”, that CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE, a private company, Corporate Taxpayers ID (CNPJ) 24.994.078/0001-37, address at Condomínio Centro Comercial Alphaville – Calçada das Margaridas, 163 – sala 2 – Barueri – SP – Cep: 06453-038, Brazil, hereafter referred to as CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE offers to its hereafter referred to as USERS.

1.1- Any legal entity, whether corporate or natural persons, herein called USER, that intends to use the services of CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE, shall accept the Contract Clauses hereunder, as well as any additional provision or policy stated.

1.2- The full acceptance of these Terms and Conditions is mandatory requirement for using the services provided by CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE. The USER shall fully read, understand and accept all the provisions stated herein, in order to succesfully subscribe to CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE and its services.


2.0- The object of this contract is content providing, which is made available only for subscribers of the ENTHUSIAST PLAN, including:

a) Articles written by different authors and/or professors;

b) Video lessons;

c) Videos about the Enneagram, interviews and miscellaneous;

d) Audios;

e) E-books;

f) Teaching material for downloading, such as handouts, lesson plans and books;

g) Online activities and courses streamed live up to a 2 hour limit (including live streaming and access of archive for a period no lesser than 1 year)

h) Online forums and discussion groups;

i) Access to the schedule of “in-person” events around the world.

j) Credentials to identity subscribers of the Enthusiast Plan with expiration date according to the plan

k) Participation in the learning cycles about Types and SubTypes, carried out by Professors “Faculty Members”, aimed at Users.

l) Chances to participate as hearing students in the learning cycles, which are exclusively taught by Professors “Faculty Members” or guest speakers.


FIRST PARAGRAPH: Courses or classes lasting up to 2 hours are considered workshops and shall not be available to subscribers of the ENTHUSIAST MONTHLY PLAN.

SECOND PARAGRAPH: The access to the content herein described is available exclusively to the USER and shall not be copied, downloaded, broadcasted nor used in commercial events in any way, without explicit authorization of CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE.

THIRD PARAGRAPH: Contents and formats herein described shall be updated periodically, as well as the fixed program.

FOURTH PARAGRAPH: CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE will offer services on self-development and professional development in plans that will be superior to the Enthusiast Plan and will include tutorials, certificate granting, among others. Those services shall not be available for USERS subscribed in the ENTHUSIAST MONTHLY PLAN or ENTHUSIAST ANNUAL PLAN.

2.1- During the effective period of the contract, the USER will have access to the content described hereon, as long as used in compliance with the Terms of Use of the website.

2.2-Users who have access to said contents are not entitled to receive any type of professional certification regarding the Enneagram, which can only be acquired by users who attend specific educational programs offered at CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE and others.

2.3-The payment plans, which enable access to content and are described herein do not include “in person” classes.

2.4-Some single products may be purchased according to this type of Contract, pursuant to criteria and provisions that will be presented to USERS in the future.


3.0 - There will be two options for USERS SUBSCRIBERS OF THE ENTUSIASTA PLAN:

a) The ENTHUSIAST MONTHLY PLAN, in which the Portal’s services are offered and paid on a monthly basis.

b) The ENTUSIASTA ANNUAL PLAN, in which the Portal’s services are offered and paid on a 12-month basis.

3.1 - The Plan will be effective as of the date of subscription, which will also be considered the expiring date of the plan.

3.2 - The date to renew the plan shall be the same as of the date of subscription, according to the chosen option.

a) The renewal of the ENTUSIASTA MONTHLY PLAN shall happen on the same date of subscription, on the following month, which is called “monthly subscription anniversary”.

b) The renewal of the ENTUSIASTA ANNUAL PLAN shall happen on the same date of subscription, on the following month, called “annual subscription anniversary”.

3.3 - CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE shall charge for its services according to the method of payment chosen by the USER SUBSCRIBER OF ENTHUSIAST PLAN (e.g, debit card, credit card, Pay Pal or any other method available in USER’S country of residence).

3.4 - The USER agrees to receive a digital payment receipt and invoice, including by email.

3.5 – The price can increase any time, according to the internal Policy from CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE.

3.6 In case of price increase, all subscribers will be notified 60 days prior to the raise.

SOLE PARAGRAPH: For subscriptions of the ENTUSIASTA ANNUAL PLAN, there will be no price increase until the end of the 12-month subscription “Annual subscription anniversary” in accordance to clause 3.2, whatever payment method.

3.7– Subscriptions will be automatically renewed, unless canceled by the USER on the anniversary subscriptions dates.

FIRST PARAGRAPH: Subscriptions must be cancelled upon written notice addressed to CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE, by email at, at least 30 days prior to the subscription anniversary date, as stated in clause 3.2 herein.

SECOND PARAGRAPH: Requests for cancelation subscriptions that do not meet the period established in the above paragraph shall not be considered thus, there will be no kind of reimbursement and occasional overdue payments will be charged.

THIRD PARAGRAPH: The cancelation policy does not apply to plan upgrades, which can be done at any given moment. For upgrade requests, CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE must be notified by email at

3.8 – The USER commits to keep CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE updated on the billing information for the hired plan and future renewals. To update billing information, USERS must send and email with the new information at

3.9 – If for some reason payment is not verified, the access to the account at CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE will be automatically blocked, until the problem is solved or, the subscription will be updated with new information, representing no obstructions to the usual billing mechanisms.

3.10 – CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE displays the prices of its services in American Dollars. However, because it is a Brazilian-based company, all charges are calculated in Reais (R$) in compliance to Brazilian legislation. Therefore, the prices are subject to exchange rate variation.


4.0-This contract is valid for a definite period, which shall commence as of the day of payment confirmation, and shall expire after 30 days or 365 days, according to the respective plan chosen by the USER.

4.1-Unless notice is given by the USER 15 days prior to expiration date, this contract shall be automatically renewed.

4.2-The USER is free to choose an access plan. Its price is not dependent on the frequency of use nor is proportional to it, complying fully with the provisions of hired services.


5.0-To be legally of age and able to be held liable in conformity with these Terms and Conditions;

5.1-Private companies shall submit its registration by means of legal representative;

5.2-The USER shall read carefully all provisions of the Terms and Conditions before accepting the said service;

5.3-The USER shall fill out all forms necessary to submit course registration;

5.4-It is the USER responsibility to inform a valid e-mail address, through which shall receive a username and a password to access the online learning environment created by CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE;

5.5- It is the USER responsibility to check e-mails frequently, thus assuring that messages sent by CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE were not received as spam or have fallen into the server’s trash bin;

5.6-The USER agrees to provide true and accurate registration information (full name, phone number, home address, country of residence, nationality and e-mail address), as well as any possible changes of said information.

5.7-CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE shall not be liable for any untrue information provided by the USER, who shall be the only one held accountable for providing such information.

5.8-CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE reserves the right to check the accuracy and veracity of information submitted by the USER at any time. If CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE verifies any incorrect or false information, or yet, in case the USER refuses to send the requested documents, CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE may block the USER profile temporarily, until the irregularity is corrected.

5.9-In order to have access to subscribers content, it is essential that USER own hardware and software meeting the minimum requirements described at the CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE website, with internet access, and also a valid email address, so the USER is able to attend the online classes and interact with monitors during the learning process;

5.10-The USER is accountable for the proper use of its username and password, which are for personal use and are non-transferable to third parties;

5.11-The USER shall receive a username to have access to the learning environment, to download material, articles, videos, podcasts, among others, one equipment at a time, individually or at household use devices.

5.12-The USER agrees to immediately notify CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE, through means of certified receipt, for any security breach on the account. The USER is solely responsible for any kind of use in the account, since the content can only be accessed successfully with the USER’S password;

5.13-It is the USER responsibility to keep a copy of domain emails hosted on our servers. Emails left in the inbox for up to 90 days shall be automatically deleted from the system, as a means of cleaning the server. In case the USER wish to save emails permanently, the USER shall use any other email software, such as Outlook;

5.14-The USER is not authorized to disclose to a third party any information originated from “forums”, discussion groups, or class work;

5.15-The USER shall not reproduce, in any form or by any means, any of the study material available on the website, or else the USER may be subject to civil and criminal penalties pursuant to Brazilian Law (COPYRIGHT LAW nº 9.610/98); content shall be exclusively used in the learning environment;

5.16-Practices not in accordance with internet environment rules, such as: unauthorized advertising, intentional destruction of files or any of the learning environment softwares and related sites; offense or bullying, the exchange of written messages, pictures or files containing references to pornography, to racist or xenophobic propaganda, incitement to crime or pedophilia, or invasion of fellow members privacy at CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE learning environment shall not be tolerated;

5.17- The USER shall act ethically, in accordance with the rules, professional standards and with the codes of ethics of the International Enneagram Association and its affiliates in different countries;

5.18- The USER is entirely responsible for meeting the requirements to have access to our website, such as hardware, software and Internet provider services, email and/or phone.

5.19 - The USER hereby authorizes CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE to share the USER personal registration information/data with the commercial partners and suppliers of CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE, at the sole discretion of CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE.

5.20 - The USER is aware that his/her comments and posts in public areas of the CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE will be freely accessible to other USERS, partners and suppliers of CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE.


6.0-CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE commits to provide to the USER username and password within 48 hours after the confirmation of payment;

6.1-To manage administrative and educational services hired by the USER, ensuring their quality and compliance thereof;

6.2-To comply with deadlines and terms stated herein;

6.3- To inform the USER of any maintenance performed in the company’s systems, aiming the improvement of the services;

6.4-To keep contact information of CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE such as phone number, email address and office address, up to date on the official website;

6.5-To provide most of contents offered by CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE in three (03) different languages, of which Portuguese, Spanish and English, but shall not necessarily be available in all languages.

6.6- The translations provided are not necessarily available in all languages and may not present the exact equivalent in the target language when it comes to specific study contents, or may have no equivalent at all.


7.0-The USER agrees not to modify, copy, distribute, transfer, display, perform, reproduce, publish, make available, license or create work originated from the information collected on the site and learning environment of CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE, as well as transfer or sell such information, products or services, under penalty of violation of these terms and law infringement.

7.1-The USER is not allowed to advertise products, services, or illegal and immoral images, for example, related to pornography and illegal substances; discriminatory content or that violates third party copyrights, in which circumstances CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE is entitled to immediately remove any of this contents from the website, upon subsequent notice;

7.2- CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE reserves the right to suspend or interrupt services for indefinite period of time, at any time, in its sole discretion, except for rights guaranteed by Brazilian laws.

7.3- If robotic and/or illegal access is detected at the USER’s learning platform, CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE reserves the right to block access for indefinite period automatically, for security measures.

7.4-CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE shall be without liability to the USER in the event of any damage, loss or destruction due to the USER’s internet connection, server or system problems, resulting from third-party actions, unforeseeable circumstances or force majeure.

7.5-CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE shall not be liable for any virus that may attack the USER’s hardware during website or internet navigation, or resulting from downloading or transferring image, text, sound or audio files.

7.6-CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE shall be held responsible only for services provided on its portal and does not offer technical support for any other products purchased in other companies.


8.0-The content of the present agreement is subject to changes by CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE, in which case notice shall be displayed electronically to the USER. The new terms shall become effective as of the date they are made available at MUNDO ANAGRAMA website. The USER is entitled to either maintain the subscription or request cancellation.

8.1-The USER shall be granted recognitions and credentials as his or her interacts with CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE, by watching videos and reading certain articles, thorough which the students’ progress and recognition can be assessed.

8.2-CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE is the sole owner of all copyrights and intellectual property rights of all content made available on the website. All rights are reserved and guaranteed by industrial property rights legislation.

8.3-The availability of such content does not grant to the USER any right to reproduce or distribute any of it.

8.4- These General Terms and Conditions does not generate any partnership agreement, mandate, franchise, or employment relationship between CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE and the USER.

8.5-CP ENNEAGRAM ONLINE and the USER waive any other jurisdiction, however privileged it may be, choosing the court district of São Paulo, the capital of the State of São Paulo, in Brazil, to settle any matter arising from the terms stated herein.

8.6-Omissions herein shall be settled in accordance with the legal provisions applicable.