Who we are


Mundo Eneagrama is a Global Enneagram Learning Community. You can register as a member of Mundo Eneagrama.


Leading Enneagram teachers from many different countries produce high-quality content for Mundo Eneagrama.

What for?

For building better relationships in your world – with others, with yourself and with a deeper sense of Being;

For you to have a place where you find resources and community to learn and work on yourself; and

For making the world a more conscious place.


Global - interconnected and multilingual

Online materials of all kinds

Offline workshops, groups and services in different countries

Everywhere, not only in the classroom

For whom?

For all people who are interested in doing inner-work and using the Enneagram system.


24/7, 365 days. Continuously. Whenever you want.


Consider these “5 Cs” on why to become a Mundo Eneagrama member:

Content: high quality content, in different formats, including the most useful information to unlock the access for your inner-growth using the Enneagram;

Concepts: cutting-edge Enneagram teachings, based in modern adult learning techniques, and drawing on both timeless wisdom from ancient spiritual traditions and the latest and best of current theory;

Concrete steps: we meet you wherever you are and offer steps for you to take your personal development to a new level;

Community: meet amazing people to support and be supported;

Cool. It is very cool.


We want you to experience Mundo Eneagrama as being or having these “9 E’s”:

Easy: we have made the Enneagram easy in terms of language, approach, formats and with a clean and smartly organized website.

Enabling: We give you practical and useful resources and supportive communication.

Engaging: you will soon be able to interact with other members in learning circles and we hold open and high-level discussions among teachers, which you can listen to.

Exciting: we have deep content, but we are also fun.

Enriching: we are all about inner-work to help you live a more fulfilling life and relationships.

Encompassing: whoever you are and whatever path you are on, we welcome you.

Encouraging: we walk with you your personal development journey – supporting you in going wherever you want to go.

Equalizing: we highly value diversity and tolerance in our community. And, Mundo Eneagrama teachers also do their own work, talk about themselves and self-disclose. You can even experience the teachers’ learning circle as being a bit of a reality show, at times…

Ecological: we support social projects using the Enneagram and we are based in advanced cooperation models between Faculty Members.


Higher Purpose

  • To make the Enneagram wisdom available for all kinds of people, in the entire world.
  • To offer high-quality inner-work tools and technologies to the people who listen to a calling for a deeper transformation.
  • To use the Enneagram system in all its depth and as a heritage of humanity.
  • To foster good work, studies, research, social projects and cross learning, in a vibrant Global Enneagram Learning Community.

Mundo Eneagrama’s Nine Commitments

Teachers, practitioners and associates of Mundo Eneagrama share these NINE VALUES and beliefs:

  1. We are open to both ancient and contemporary theories and practices of the Enneagram, which help in the deepening and in the quality of inner work.
  2. As there are different ways of learning, we value different online and in-person teaching formats and we want to reach as many people as possible.
  3. We are committed to adopting for ourselves the discourses that we preach, with humility and accountability.
  4. All Mundo Eneagrama teachers focus on integrating aspects of the psychological and spiritual dimensions, using approaches from different schools of thought and Traditions.
  5. Mundo Eneagrama supports and advocates practical applications of the Enneagram that preserve the complexity and the depth of the system.
  6. We invite people to engage in permanent inner work and to experience the study of the Enneagram as an ongoing and inspiring process.
  7. We advocate a healthy balance between knowing, doing and Being, with a constant emphasis on the quality of Presence.
  8. Mundo Eneagrama welcomes open, high-level discussions on different visions, in a respectful and collegial spirit.
  9. A core team of professionals makes up the heart of Mundo Eneagrama. Although individual views may be different, there is a significant agreement and common values connected to these nine commitments.

Faculty Members

Uranio Paes +
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Uranio Paes

Founder and CEO of Mundo Eneagrama. International teacher of Enneagram and inner work renowned for…

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Janaina Weiss +
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Janaina Weiss (Brazil)

Life and executive coach, consultant and teacher with international certification from the…

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